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Spiritual  Life & Business Coaching

*Are you tired of feeling stuck, lost, or overwhelmed in your life or business without a plan of how to move forward?

*Have you had success for a short period of time, only to lose interest, focus, or sabotage your efforts?

*Are you making key decisions in your life or business based in fear & doubt?

*Are you looking for ways to connect more deeply with your own intuition and the spiritual guidance around you to gain more clarity & direction?

*Do you feel a calling to serve in a bigger way, but when it comes to offering your products or services, you feel uncomfortable or question your abilities? 

Our results in life are a direct reflection of our daily thoughts, habits, energy, and focus.   Most of us are going through life, operating on autopilot with our sabotaging thoughts, limiting beliefs, & patterns.  We borrow the belief system that we have today from our parents, friends, co-workers, society, and the wold around us.  We see the possibilities for ourself based on those beliefs, which may or may not be serving us.  

If you want to have a healthy body, successful business, loving relationship, financial abundance, or  any area of growth, you must look at not only your physical habits, but your MENTAL and EMOTIONAL, SPIRITUAL, & ENERGETIC habits as well.

I offer various workshops, programs, & 1:1 coaching sessions to help you manifest abundance personally & professionally. Together, we will discover what beliefs, energies, and habits need to shift in order for you to confidently step onto your soul's path and design a life that you love.   I have personally overcome many physical emotional, and spiritual challenges in my life .  I will use my experience personally & professionally as a wellness coach, energy healer, and an intuitive to gently guide you to lasting change. 


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