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Overcome Self-Sabotage, Manage Anxiety, & Find Peace Within,

so you can confidently move forward in the direction of your soul's path & create the life you deserve, without letting fear & doubt steal your dreams.

Let me know if you can relate to any of these:

* You want to be able to wake up everyday feeling energized, inspired, & excited.

*You want to move through life with a sense of inner-peace, confidence, & fulfillment

*You are a heart-centered woman who wants to be able to support her loved ones, without neglecting your own health & happiness. 

*You want to feel a deeper connection to your purpose & navigate your soul's path with clarity.


*You want to learn how to quiet your mind & overcome fear, so you can show up confidently & take aligned action on your dreams.

*You want to get back to enjoying the things that you used to , living more fully, &  feeling present with your loved ones

*You want to have more balanced moods & be able to take on life challenges feeling calm & in control. 

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*You feel like you are just going through the motions on autopilot like a hamster on a wheel, wondering if the life you imagined in your head will ever match the one that you are living. 

*You are just trying to get through the day and juggle all the balls & there hasn't been much time to focus on what you need or want.

*You find yourself two steps forward in the direction of your goals, only to fall 4 steps back when the sabotaging thoughts in your head remind you of why you can't do it, why its, too hard, or why it's silly to even try. 

*You feel exhausted, overwhelmed, & unmotivated to make the changes that you know you "should" make because you don't even know where to start.

*You worry about things that are out of your control & you have trouble creating healthy boundaries with people in your life that may be draining your energy or bringing you down. 

The Warrior Woman's blueprint was inspired by my desire to bring ancient wisdom to modern women in order to help them discover inner-peace, confidence, & clarity.  


Using my own personal & professional experience guiding women through physical, emotional, & spiritual transformation, I have put together a blueprint that walks women through the process of quieting their mind & connecting with their most authentic self , so they can live from a place of freedom & flow, rather than fear & restriction.  

Before I stepped into spiritual development & found the path to healing, I was always searching for the answers outside of myself that would help me to feel more connected, whole, & fulfilled.  I was trying one dimensional, band-aid approaches like exercise, eating right, meditating ( in a way that made me feel worse because it was the wrong way), therapy, books, & lots of pills and potions, with little result. 


Eventually the emotional struggles & self-doubt turn to physical exhaustion, pain, & burnout. I knew that I wasn't showing up for myself, let alone the other people in my life. I wasn't living my best life and I wasn't living up to the potential that I had inside. 

I was too busy taking care of everyone else and juggling all the balls to ask what I needed.  


It wasn't until I addressed the underlying reasons why I felt anxious, unhappy, & unfulfilled that everything shifted. 


I found inner-peace, confidence, & clarity in a way that I did not know was possible, and as a result I have shared my step by step methodology with women across the globe. 

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Negative thinking, limiting beliefs, lack of vision for your goals, self-criticism, and sabotaging mental patterns keep us stuck in a loop of fear and self-doubt. This pillar will help you to recognize where your unconscious mental habits are not supporting your vision for happiness & how to break this pattern. It will set you up with all that you need to push through fear, doubt, and sabotage. I will teach you about how to harness the power of the mind to make lasting change.

Emotional Resilience

One of the key strategies for my clients is practicing mindfulness which rewires the mind to remain in the present moment instead of holding on to the past or worrying about the future. Mindfulness techniques in combination with meditation that is easy to implement & weave into your daily activities is what makes a huge difference for my clients, because it allows them to shift their perceptions of stressful events as well as their actions/reactions. This is where you are released from expectations, guilt, worry, shame, anger, resentment, and the sabotaging patterns that have kept you stuck for so long. This ensures that you become emotionally resilient and grounded, regardless of what is happening around you and that you are able to move forward feeling calm and in control.

Spiritual Connection

This pillar will help you to begin living life by your own core values, beliefs, & desires, rather than by the expectations of limiting beliefs that have been handed down to you. It will teach you how to know when you are being pulled out of alignment with your authentic self as well as how to create boundaries that will help you to live more authentically. True confidence comes from within and this pillar will help you to know your gifts and stand in your power confidently & unapologetically. It will teach you how to use ancient secrets, natural tools, and techniques to connect with your own inner-wisdom and the infinite guidance all around you so that you can always tap into clarity and find the answers within, instead of relying on external validation.

Aligned Action

This pillar is where we take action on our goals from a place of alignment with our highest good. We create a vision and then we set goals and take action on that vision while aligning our beliefs, our energy, & a soul-aligned strategy in order to manifest a new reality.  Taking action from an empowered space is what will allow you to gain control over your life & make your dreams a reality.


This Program Is For You If:

  • ​You are tired of letting fear & self doubt paralyze you and get in the way of achieving your dreams.

  • ​You are DONE sitting on the sidelines and watching others live out their best life while you wonder what their secret is. You want to learn about how to release old limiting beliefs & step into your next level of greatness.

  • You are ready and willing to show up for yourself & do the work so that you can unlock your potential

  • If you want to know how to access your own inner-wisdom 24/7 that will steer you in the right direction 100% of the time.

  • You are ready to break free from living how you think you “should be” & instead living on your own terms.

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  • Discover and embrace your highest self >>> so you can live authentically from a place of inner-peace, confidence, & fulfillment.   


  • Become emotionally resilient even in the midst of chaos or uncertainty >>> So you can move through challenging times feeling calm, grounded, & present rather than acting/reacting to situations or making decisions from a place of anxiety, overwhelm, anger, or fear.

  • Quiet the noise inside your head that is sabotaging your happiness >>>So you can hear your own intuition & connect with divine guidance that will lead you down the path of joy.

  • Let go of all the expectations, identities, limiting beliefs, & patterns that have kept you stuck >>> So you can show up confidently as the badass that you are and share your magic with others.

Here what people say about working with me:

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The Woman's Warrior Blueprint is a Self-Self-Guided, Step by Step Blueprint with Access for Life:  Use this blueprint so you can instantly start feeling more empowered with the tools needed to find inner-peace, joy, & confidence in all areas of life. You will have ongoing access to this blueprint so that you can go at your own pace & return to the materials at any point to deepen your transformation. 

​​​Bonuses include:    


  • ​Guide to Essential Oils & Crystals for Healing

  • ​​Healing the Chakras​

  • 6 Guided Meditations/Visualizations

  • ​Visualizing Your Goals Into Reality

  • ​Mind-Body Reset & Recipes 

  • ​30 Minute Consultation for Stress-Reducing Supplements