Reiki Energy Healing and Intuitive Readi

All of our thoughts, beliefs, experiences, expectations, & perceptions have an energetic charge that influences the vibration of our energy field. 


These energies can affect how we make decisions in our business & life as well as hold us back from taking inspired action on our dreams. 


We are constantly giving off energy & receiving it from the people & situations around us. 


Overtime, if we don't consciously take care of & protect our energy field, we may feel physically, emotionally, or spiritually out of balance or depleted. 

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As a Reiki Master-Teacher and Intuitive, Ali offers Reiki energetic alignment sessions that include spiritual guidance as a way to help you get to the root of what might be holding you back from manifesting your desires.


Because we hold memories, belief systems, experiences, and internal/external influences in our energy field that may be creating a pattern or block that is not serving our highest good,  these messages and roadblocks often surface as she releases the energy.


While doing Reiki, Ali may pick up on psychic information about where the stuck energy is coming from as well as channel information about how you may be able to move forward.


Having an awareness of what might be blocking you from manifesting what you desire in your life or business is critical to helping you to achieve your goals.


She will assess the health of your chakra system as well as the entire energy body to make adjustments. Nothing that comes up is going to be bad or scary. It is all for your highest good.


After your session, Ali will share with you any feedback that she has picked up on. People notice shifts in not only the way that they feel physically & emotionally, but they also report feeling more connected to their own intuition and better able to manifest their desires. When you come into energetic alignment with your vision, everything moves forward much more quickly!

Intuitive Readings and Spiritual Guidanc

Reiki is a 5,000 year old practice that helps to promote healing by increasing positive energy flow, otherwise known as “Ki”, “Chi”, or “life force energy”. Science has now confirmed that everything is made of energy. Our energy can become drained or depleted overtime through various physical, emotional, & spiritual factors.


Overtime, these blocks in the flow of energy can result in physical or emotional symptoms.


Reiki gently infuses universal light to move blocks of energy that have become stuck or stagnant, improving the overall balance of the energetic system. It is common to feel more balanced, centered, & at peace after a session. Reiki uses gentle hand movements either touching the body or hovering right above the body, and is done fully clothed. It can also be done long-distance. Every person feels Reiki differently. Some people experience it as warmth, others as tingling, and many feel a euphoric feeling come over their body.


Because all thoughts, beliefs, & patterns start on an energetic level, incorporating Reiki into any personal or professional growth program can greatly accelerate results.

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Image by Sarah Brown