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Reiki Energy Healing and Intuitive Readings

Our Energy System
Science tells us that in addition to water, bones, cells, muscles, and organs, we are made up of energy. Each thought we have creates an electrical impulse, and even our heart’s electrical activity can be measured by an EKG (electrocardiogram ). We receive positive energy from whole foods, laughter, the sun, being with positive people, meditation, engaging in activities that we love, and many other sources as well. We can also give our energy away by thinking negatively, eating poorly, not taking care of our basic needs, surrounding ourselves with people or situations that are negative, or by simply not being true to ourselves. When people say things like “she is draining me,” they are referring to the energy that is being sucked from them by interacting with that person. Energy can also become blocked or stagnant due to traumatic experiences or unresolved issues either currently or in the past. Leaving the energy system weak or depleted overtime, can create physical, mental, or emotional symptoms.

Energy healing is a 5,000 year old practice that helps to promote healing by increasing positive energy flow, otherwise known as “Ki”, “Chi”, or “life force energy”. People report feeling more balanced, centered, and calm after a session. Reiki uses gentle hand movements either touching the body or hovering right above the body, and is done fully clothed. Every person feels Reiki differently. Some people experience it as warmth, others as tingling, and many feel a euphoric feeling come over their body. Sometimes I incorporate the use of essential oils or crystals into our treatment in order to help unblock “stuck” energies. Both crystals and essential oils vibrate at frequencies similar to our own energetic frequencies, therefore they can be used to successfully change or move the energy within our bodies.


Intuitive Readings and Spiritual Guidance

As a Reiki Master-Teacher and Intuitive, Ali offers energetic alignment sessions to help you come into balance and manifest your desires more quickly.  Because we hold memories, belief systems, experiences, and internal/external influences in our energy field, these messages and roadblocks often surface as we are release the energy.  While in your energy field, Ali may pick up on psychic information about where the stuck energy is coming from as well as channel information about how you may be able to move forward. Having an awareness of what might be blocking you from manifesting what you desire in your life or business is critical to helping you to achieve your goals.  She will assess the health of your chakra system as well as the entire energy body to make adjustments.   Nothing that comes up is going to be bad or scary.  It is all for your highest good.  After your session, Ali will share with you any feedback that she has picked up on. People notice shifts in not only the way that they feel physically & emotionally, but they also report feeling more connected to their own intuition and better able to manifest their desires.  When you come into energetic alignment with your vision, everything moves forward much more quickly! 

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