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Reiki Energy Healing and Intuitive Readi

Everything in the universe is made of energy, including our physical body as well as our thoughts, emotions, beliefs, perceptions, & actions.

The our energetic blueprint is unique to each of us and can affect how we make decisions in our business & life. 


Science tells us that are energetic vibration and our internal world is literally creating our external reality.


The fastest way to bring about change in our lives is to raise our vibration, release stuck energies, & align our beliefs with our vision as we take inspired action on our desires. 

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As a Reiki Master-Teacher and Intuitive with a degree in psychology, Ali offers Reiki energetic alignment sessions that include channeled guidance as well as empowerment coaching to help you release conscious, unconscious, & energetic blocks keeping you stuck. 

How many times have you tried to “move past” something or found yourself repeating the same patterns of overthinking, perfectionism, people pleasing, imposter syndrome & sabotage over and over again? ⁣

How many times have you beat yourself up for being in the same place today as you were a year ago?

Doing mindset work alone has tremendous value, however when it comes to changing your life, it may take longer to see results without incorporating energy work.

If don’t release the underlying energetic stuck points & trapped emotional states that create the disempowered actions, then we wind up repeating the same patterns in our life and business. ⁣

Our past experiences, traumas, beliefs systems get stored energetically in the physical body and when we encounter a situation that feels similar to that root experience, we often go into fight, flight, freeze, or fawn. ⁣

This sabotage pattern that can show up as overwhelm, anxiety, disconnect, procrastination, lack of motivation, and on the opposite end of the spectrum hustling, over giving, undercharging, & people pleasing. 

It can show up as not speaking your truth, not respecting your time or boundaries, feeling like you don't want to "rock the boat," or not feeling worthy of receiving in your business or even in your relationships. ⁣

Intuitive Readings and Spiritual Guidanc

These sessions are transformative on every level, because we are not only reprogramming conscious thoughts & subconscious beliefs that drive our emotions & our actions, but we are working in the energetic field. We are tapping into the universal wisdom of spirit to receive channeled messages to help you on your path.

The energetic field is where the richness & potency of all realities are possible & infinite.⁣

It is where we can quite literally change the course of someone's life, because we are shifting the vibration that they are resonating at, creating a whole new set of realities and circumstances. ⁣

It is where I can help someone who has been struggling with the same pattern for 5, 10, 30 years and in a matter of a few sessions ( and sometimes only one) they can be released from the burden they have been carrying. ⁣

  • When we work at the energetic level, you are even more tuned into your own intuition and where you are feeling pulled. ⁣

  • We open portals that allow you to tap into divine guidance and universal wisdom, allowing you to download information that will help bring clarity, confidence, & direction. ⁣

  • When we do an energetic alignment, it allows you to more easily be present in the moment to notice those signs and synchronicities that are guiding you. ⁣

  • To hear the answer to the questions you are asking in your life and business right now. ⁣

  • For some that might be about how to connect with your ideal clients, what offers to put together, how to price them. How to create content that is potent and speaks to where your audience is right now. ⁣

  • For others it might be around how to navigate a difficult decision in your personal life, how to juggle life’s various balls, or how to manage heavy emotions that you might be experiencing. ⁣

  • This deeper work allows you to be in the moment and see your situation from a more empowered place, making decisions from your highest self. ⁣

If you feel like you are stuck and you know the answer is not “work harder” or “find a new strategy” and you are ready to do the internal work needed to change your external reality, I can help ⁣

We will discuss what you desires, align your energy to that reality, & release patterns or blocks keeping you from that reality. You will walk away with channeled messages & guidance that you can take inspired action on. 


Energy Healing & Spiritual Growth Bundle


The Energy Healing & Spiritual Growth Bundle is the perfect place to start if you know that you want to experience deeper joy, inner-peace, & fulfillment in any area of your life, whether it be in your health, your relationships, your business, or any other area of your life that you want to grow in.  


In this bundle, you will learn how to raise your vibration, protect yourself from toxic energies that are impacting your wellbeing, release stuck energetic patterns that are sabotaging your happiness, & tap into the power of your own intuition as a guiding force to help you gain clarity & direction on your next steps. 


Learn the difference between your own anxious thoughts & intuitive information, so that you can always trust what is coming through to you as the truth. 


Discover the 7 Chakra energy centers and learn about how to release old patterns keeping you stuck physically, emotionally, mentally, & spiritually, so that you can take back the control & confidently move forward in your life.

This bundle can be done as a self-guided journey or in combination with a 1:1 session with Ali

Image by Sarah Brown
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