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Coaching Programs & Masterminds
Signature Program- Selling from Your Soul

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Selling from Your Soul is our signature, mastermind-style program to support coaches, consultants, wellness practitioners, & spiritual entrepreneurs in consistently attracting & enrolling their soul clients, so they can crush their financial goals without hustling, using inauthentic strategies, or sacrificing their relationships, health, or sanity.  This program will help you to create MORE results, working LESS hours, while feeling energized, inspired, & fulfilled in your business.   . 


I took my 23+ years of in-depth experience and knowledge around sales psychology, energetics, spiritual connection, & authentic marketing + sales strategy to develop a blueprint that walks you through how to confidently design, market, & sell in a way that feels authentic, highlights your strengths, & aligns with your core values. 

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The Magnetic Business Blueprint is a coaching program designed to help you create signature offers that align with your soul's mission + transform passion into profit with less hustle & more flow


A magnetic business blueprint is not only the foundation for an abundant business, but one that is energizing & deeply fulfilling.  Learn how to harness both the masculine & feminine energies, so you can create more results from a place of energetic alignment.   Discover deep clarity & confidence around who you are, who you serve, & what your secret sauce is through this powerful program. Enjoy the bonus courses niche from your soul + social media & branding makeover when you enroll to create the foundations of your abundant business. 

Self-Guided Courses

Some of our courses allow you the option to either have a self-guided journey or to enroll with support, so that you can customize your experience.

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Niche From Your Soul

Niche from your soul is designed to help you discover your unique & profitable niche, as well as how to share your offers in a way that resonate with your ideal clients. 

Enroll in this course as a self-guided journey or add a 1:1 session with Ali to help gain even more clarity. 

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Social Media & Branding Makeover

In this course, you will learn about the strategic & energetic elements that go into creating a social media & branding presence that is cohesive & magnetic to your ideal clients.  Learn the foundations for setting up your social media & facebook group for selling, so that you can start building your audience of ideal clients. 

Enjoy learning from not only, but branding specialist Jamie Drake, who walks you through every step of creating your branding as well as canva tutorials to create beautiful images on a budget.

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Magnetic Content & Live Video Mastery

In this course, you will learn about how to create written & live content that engages & inspires social media followers to take action. Learn how to create, organize, re-use, & simplify content, so that you can build trust with your audience from a place of ease.  Dive into marketing strategy, sales psychology, & energy principles to confidently call in your ideal clients! 

The Membership

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The Soulful Success Society is a community of coaches, healers, wellness practitioners, spiritual entrepreneurs who want to step into their next level of personal & business growth by mastering their energy & psychology as they take inspired action on soul-aligned strategies for success. 

In our membership, you will enjoy trainings around personal development, spiritual & business growth, accountability, energy clearings, meditations, intuitive readings & coaching led by Ali Sievewright & her team of experts.  

It is designed to help you raise your vibration, release abundance blocks, re-connect with your own intuition, & stay in alignment as you navigate growing a business.  You will also have the support of like-minded entrepreneurs who are also on a journey of spiritual growth. 

Need more clarity or direction on your next steps?

Click the link below to book a FREE clarity call with Ali Sievewright. You are also welcome to send her a DM on instagram Instagram @ali_sievewright

Or FB private messenger here-

She will take a look at where you are, where you want to be and give you feedback on what you should be focusing on in order to get there. After learning about your goals and needs, she will share with you options to move forward working together only if it is a good fit.

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