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7 Crystals for Healing Chakras

These stones came from Sedona, Arizona. Sedona is a very powerful place with transformative energy. People visit Sedona from all over the world to experience the energy vortexes and power up their intentions. Use this travel set of stones to take with you whenever you need support. You can carry them in your wallet or purse, put them under your pillow, or hold them when you need strength, healing, grounding, or while meditating. Your crystals have been smudged, charged in the Sedona vortex, and had Reiki energy healing sent to them. You can charge your stones in the sunlight or moonlight, as well as place them next to selenite. You can cleanse them in water, smudge, salt, or the earth.

First Chakra (Root Chakra) - Use bloodstone or obsidian (green or black stone) for grounding, protection, clearing negative energy, to release anxiety or fear, and feel safe in your surroundings and in your body.

Second Chakra (Sacral )- Use Goldstone (orange stone) to support emotional health, release guilt, harness feminine energies, increase sensuality and creativity.

Third Chakra (Solar Plexus)- Use yellow jasper or tiger eye (yellow stone) to help with manifestation, personal power, financial abundance and success, connecting with your career path/ passions, and letting go of control.

Fourth Chakra (heart)- Use Rose Quartz (pink stone) to help heal wounds of the heart, release grief, increase self-love and love for others, let go of judgment, and practice forgiveness.

Fifth Chakra (throat)- Use Blue Chalcedony to improve communication, speak your truth, create healthy boundaries, remove hostility, increase trust and honesty.

Sixth Chakra (Third Eye)- Use amethyst (purple stone) for meditation, calming, mental clarity, connecting with your intuition and psychic abilities, visualization, better sleep, and focus.

Seventh Chakra (Crown)- Clear quartz is known as the master healer. Use clear quartz to help you to connect with spirit or in prayer, receive guidance and support from your guides, amplify all thoughts and intentions, release negative energy.

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