Rose Quartz Pendulum

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Pendulums are powerful tools to help us to measure to connect to energies around us. They can be used to tell us if our energy centers (or other's) are open and balanced, or closed down. They are a wonderful tool to help us get in touch with inner guidance or to be used when we feel we are at cross-roads and looking for answers. Pendulums can also be used very effectively to indicate where there may be stuck or stagnant energy in a home or space. A pendulum moving in a clockwise, circular motion indicates the energy is open and moving freely. When asking yourself a question and using the pendulum, this type of movement would indicate a "yes". If the pendulum is not moving much or moving side, to side, this would indicate a "no" or stagnant/blocked energy.

Rose Quartz is wonderful for helping you tap into the energy and the messages of the heart.

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