Chakra Healing Bags

Chakra Bags for Healing

Chakras are powerful energy centers in the body that hold past experiences and information that can affect our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health. These chakra bags are specifically designed to support you and your loved ones in healing. Each bag contains hand-blended, organic essential oils and a gemstone stone that compliments the energy center you are trying to support. The color of the bag that they come in also matches the frequency of the corresponding chakra.

All of the crystals and essential oils are infused with Reiki healing energy by Reiki Master-Teacher and owner of Karma Healing Solutions, Ali Harris Sievewright.

First Chakra (Root) - Grounding, protection, releasing anxiety or fear, feeling safe in your surroundings and in your body.

Second Chakra (Sacral)- Emotional health, release guilt, harness feminine energies, hormone balance, increase sensuality, creativity, and passion.

Third Chakra (Solar Plexus)- Manifestation, personal power, financial abundance and success, connecting with your career path, letting go of control, increasing your energy.

Fourth Chakra (Heart)- Heal wounds of the heart, release grief, increase self-love and love for others. Increase joy, let go of judgment, and practice forgiveness.

Fifth Chakra (Throat)- Improve communication, speak your truth, create healthy boundaries, remove hostility, increase trust and honesty, upper respiratory support.

Sixth Chakra (Third Eye)- Meditation, mental clarity, connecting with your intuition and psychic abilities, visualization, better sleep, and focus.

Seventh Chakra (Crown)- Connect with your guides, higher power, and nature. Get on the path for your highest good and deepen your spirituality