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The power of residual income is not understood by many, because if it were, most people would do all they could to make sure that it was a part of their financial plan.  When I first found Isagenix and the network marketing industry, I was used to trading time for money in a service based business and selling retail which was a one time transaction. It wasn't until it was really explained to me that I couldn't sleep for weeks with excitement thinking about all of the possibilities.  

Residual income is income that continues to come in from work that you did once and still get paid for years later. If you write a book, you do that once and then you get paid everytime a copy is sold.  If you write a song, you write it once and then get paid every time it is played. That isn't very realistic for most people.  Enter network marketing and Isagenix.   

Imagine that you were a realtor and for each house you sold, you continued to get paid by the morgage company each time your client made a payment.  Imagine you sell cars, and every time your client drives the car, you get paid.  Get the point? That sounds crazy right? Wrong...

With the right company plus a fair compensation plan and products that are consumable and create an emotional reaction, residual income is inevitable if you are committed to sharing these life-changing products and putting the work in now so that you can have freedom later. 


In our business model, we share health and wellness with people and help them to get setup with their own wholesale superfood account and every time they order you get paid,  You set them up once and make sure that they have great results and then you continue to get paid every time they order out of their own account on their own.  Not only do you get paid for those who you introduce to our program, but you also get paid for anyone that they introduce or anyone that happens to fall on your team because we put  them there.  You are getting paid a percentage of the collective effort of many and this allows you to not only impact an infinite amount of people, but to leverage your time so that you can work from anywhere you want in the world at any time. You set your own hours and you determine how little or much you put into it.  



My husband Bob and I have created massive success and helped many others do the same through the vehicle of network marketing.  With the right industry + consumable products that give people an emotional experience + the right compensation plan + the right support, the potential is unlimited. We are honored and blessed to work with a team of people who are all heart-centered and looking to make a difference in the world. 


Team Synergy is a group of like-minded people who are creating an impact for themselves, their families, and others, by introducing a lifestyle of wellness and financial abundance to those in need.  We use and love a system of nutritional products that has transformed our health, and we are sharing that gift with others. This allows us to inspire others, while creating an additional stream of income.  Some are looking to earn enough money to pay for their product consumption, while others are looking for supplementary income or a primary income source.  Whatever the reason, We are glad that you are here.  

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