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Secret Sauce to Getting Unstuck

One of the most common issues that I help women overcome in my practice is how to push through staying stuck or struggling to find happiness in one or more area of their life. They have likely tried different methods to get themselves moving, only to find themselves feeling lost, confused, & frustrated. They may have had some initial success, only to find themselves back at square one and stuck in a loop of negative thinking & sabotage.

While there are MANY reasons why one may sabotage their happiness or stay stuck in fear or overwhelm, today we are going to talk one of the common ones that doesn't often get addressed.

It is a concept that might seem a bit "out of the box," but once you start to understand the power of it and begin to apply these principles, life can turn around rather quickly...

Often times, as independent women, we want to figure it all out on our own. We do what we think is in our control, which is to research, try to make a plan, set SMART goals and attempt to keep them on our own, find "strategies" that have worked for others, check all the ingredients for the new and shiny supplements, and google all the answers. This is the male-dominate side of us. The left-brained, action oriented side that wants to feel in control.

While we clearly need an approach that includes action, goal-setting, & strategy, we also need to balance that with the more feminine energies that help us to tap into our own inner-knowing and the keep us connected to WHY we are doing this in the first place. It is only when we can deeply connect with this, that we have the motivation and stamina to continue through the hard moments of change.

The feminine energy is the one that dreams, visualizes, sets intentions and connects with her intuition & spiritual side for the answers. It is the part of us that understand that we might NOT be able to figure it all out on our own and let's go. In letting go, we can harness the power of intention and TRUST that when we get clear on what it is that we want and why we want it, doors begin to open and paths begin to unfold.

It is important to know that we don't just set intentions and wait for our dreams to manifest. We work in harmony with spirit so that when the answers do arrive because we have called them in with the feminine, we take action on those solutions by channelling the masculine.

The dance between the masculine and the feminine, like the yin and yang, are both equally as important.

In today's video, "The secret sauce to getting unstuck, "I talk about this in more detail. I discuss the balance between the feminine and the masculine energies as they pertain to feeling stuck, stagnant, and struggling. Take a look at the video and let me know what you think.

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