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Bedtime Rituals and Natural Sleep Support for the Entire Family

Updated: Jun 22, 2018

Do you have a tough time getting your child to relax for bedtime or to fall asleep easily? Do you find yourself dreading the bedtime hour, knowing the resistance that may lie ahead? If so, creating a consistent bedtime ritual using tools known to relax your child through the different senses can be a very fun and helpful way to end the night.

Incorporating rituals at bedtime that use your child’s different senses helps your child to fully experience relaxation and helps them to associate these activities with bedtime in a fun and pleasant way.

The following is a list of things that you can do to help you and your child enjoy this time more:

· Draw your child a bath with natural sea salts/Epsom salts and Lavender essential oil to relax his/her muscles and calm his/her mind. Look for a natural product that uses essential oils, not synthetic fragrance.

· Massage your child’s feet, legs, arms, hands, and/or chest using either an unscented oil such as sunflower oil or a kids’ massage oil made specifically for sleep that uses oils like lavender and roman chamomile. You can also use a blend that they put on their temples and pulse point that has lavender and geranium to name a few oils.  

· Try stretching or practicing different yoga poses. Each family member can choose a pose for everyone else to do. Get creative, making up new poses and giving them fun names.

· Let your child spray his/her pillow with aromatherapy spray made of lavender and distilled          water. Lavender will help your child to produce his/her own melatonin, which will help him/her sleep better. 

· Buy a CD of nature sounds or a white noise machine to block out any distracting noises that may get in the way of your child’s falling asleep or staying asleep.

· Have your child close his/her eyes and walk your child through a visualization. Help him/her to imagine being at the beach or somewhere calming. Encourage your child to use all of his/her senses by asking him/her to think about what he/she can smell, see, hear, taste, and touch in his/her visualization.

Have fun with your bedtime routine by experimenting with it to see what your child responds to. Get creative and allow your child to be part of the experience. This is not only a great opportunity to bond with your child through a fun and relaxing ritual together, but it will also help both you and your child feel more relaxed about bedtime. For more information about where to find high-quality aromatherapy for bedtime, contact me at #aromatherapy


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