The Warrior Woman’s Blueprint is an online, empowerment program designed to help women understand the language of their body, mind, & spirit, so they can overcome anxiety, crush self-doubt, & get unstuck.  It is a mindfulness-based program that will help you to recognize & replace sabotaging patterns, limiting beliefs, & habits, so you can confidently step into your authentic self & build a life that lights up your soul. 

The Warrior Woman's blueprint was inspired by my desire to impact women around the world using 20 years of experience guiding women through transformation as well as my own journey conquering emotional, physical, & spiritual struggle.  The warrior women's blueprint provides a wealth of knowledge in addition to weekly accountability calls and group support in order to keep you accountable to your goals and help you move through any resistance or blocks that may come up keeping you from what you want.  

The blueprint is based on the 5 dimensions of healing that I believe are critical to support in order to improve moods, stop feeling anxious, overwhelmed, frustrated, disconnected, exhausted, self-critical, and start showing up confidently.

We work on a physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, & energetic level.

Before I found the right path to healing, I was going from one thing to the next looking for answers for why I felt so anxious, sad, disconnected, & empty.  I was trying one dimensional, band-aid approaches like exercise, eating right, meditating ( in a way that made me feel worse because it was the wrong way), therapy, & lots of pills and potions, with little result.


The emotional pain, overwhelm, & disconnect that I was feeling eventually led to paralyzing exhaustion & pain throughout my body, causing little quality of life.  I was so critical of myself and carried around lot of guilt for not showing up as a mom in a way that made me proud, and despite my relentless search for answers, I was often left feeling hopeless and more confused than ever.  

Until.. I found someone to take me by the hand and show me a step by step plan to regain control and connect with my what my body, mind, & spirit needed.  I found inner-peace in a way that I did not know was possible and as a result, I have shared my methodology with women across the globe. 


  • Reclaim your power and learn to live life like you matter. 

  • Learn to manage anxiety so that it no longer keeps you stuck in a loop of negative thinking. 


  • Stop living in your head and learn to enjoy the present moment with your loved ones. 


  • Retrain your mind to operate from the present moment instead of clinging to thoughts/experiences of the past or worrying about the future. 


  • Become emotionally resilient regardless of what stressful situation you may be in. 


  • Confidently show up as your most authentic life 


  • Regain your energy & vitality so you can stop feeling exhausted, short-fused, or maxed out. 


  • Connect with your loved ones from a place of balance 

If you are serious about learning more about the coaching program and whether or not it would be a good fit for you, I am offering FREE clarity breakthrough calls.  

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