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My Mission


My mission is to help empaths, healers, coaches, & heart-based entrepreneurs step into their purpose with confidence & clarity, so they can manifest an abundant business & life sharing their magic. The name of my company, Karma Healing Solutions, represents my belief that it is the intention that we live by that dictates our sense of confidence, inner-peace, joy, & success.  We always have the the power to change our situation by choosing to think, act, connect, love, & treat ourselves and others in a way that supports our highest good.  I believe that everyone deserves to live a life that they are in love with, however, limiting beliefs, blocks, & sabotaging patterns can often keep us stuck.   In my experience helping thousands of people,  I have found that in order for our businesses to grow, we must also be willing to grow personally, spiritually, & professionally. When we learn how to step into our true self unapologetically & connect with our soul's wisdom, the path to peace, purpose, & prosperity is revealed.  I believe that as heart-based entrepreneurs, our business is an extension of our soul's purpose and that we all have our own unique magic & message to share. 

About Ali

Ali Sievewright is an Intuitive Manifestation Coach, Reiki Master-Teacher, & Spiritual Guide. She has been an entrepreneur in the wellness & healing industry since 1999. Ali has had many successful businesses as well as mentored hundreds of other healers, coaches, wellness practitioners, & heart-based entrepreneurs to start & grow thriving businesses on their own terms. Her unique approach to manifesting abundance both personally & professionally combines vision,  mindset, energy healing, intuition, spiritual connection, & soul-aligned strategy. It is what she calls her "Secret Sauce." Ali's 20 years experience as a healer and business mentor in addition to overcoming her own physical, emotional, & business struggles gives her a vast amount of knowledge to share with others, so they don't have to go through all the trial and error in making the the same mistakes.










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