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Tribal cultures and religions around the world use specific herbs to invoke positive influences, send prayers, and cast out negative energy. One common ceremony is to burn herbs. This practice is called smudging or censing (incensing). In North America the three plants most frequently used in smudging are sage, cedar, and sweetgrass. The smoke from these herbs is used to clear any unwanted energy before or during a ceremony, within a home, or surrounding an object or person. The smoke is used to facilitate prayers, encourage healing, and bestow blessings and honor. The pleasing aromas from these herbs invokes a feeling of well-being, peace and comfort.

SAFE SMUDGING PRACTICES Once the herb is lit and burning, gently blow out the flame and the herb will continue to smolder emitting the beneficial smoke. For safety: • When holding a lit sage bundle put a NON-FLAMMABLE container (ceramic bowl, dish, etc.) under the smoldering herb. • When using the abalone shell to burn the herbs place the shell on a NON-FLAMMABLE surface because the shell will get hot. CONTAINS: 1. White Sage - disperses negative influences 2. Sweetgrass - brings in the good spirits and the good influences 3. Cedar - disperses negative energy and brings in positive influences 4. Abalone Shell - container to burn the loose herbs in 5. Fan Feather - used to keep the herbs smoldering and to distribute the smoke 6. Charcoal Tablet - a "quick light" starter for use in the abalone shell when burning loose herbs INSTRUCTIONS: The Loose Cedar in the packet must be burned in the Abalone Shell. When burning the herbs in the Abalone Shell, place the shell on a NON-FLAMMABLE surface such as a ceramic bowl or plate (shell will get hot). Place the Charcoal Tablet in the shell and light it. When applying the flame to the tablet it will fizzle and lightly spark letting you know it's lit. Allow it to heat up for a minute or two and then add the loose herb on top of the lit tablet. Lightly fan the herbs with the Feather Fan to keep them smoldering. The Charcoal Tablet can be cut in half or quartered for multiple uses. The White Sage and Sweetgrass can be burned whole while holding them in your hand or they can be cut into small pieces and burned in the Abalone Shell. To burn the White Sage or Sweetgrass whole, light the herb at the far end away from you hand. For safety reasons, when holding a lit sage bundle have a NON-FLAMMABLE container (ceramic bowl, dish, etc.) under the lit and smoldering herb. When the herb starts to flame, gently blow it out. While the herb ends are smoldering, lightly fan them with the Feather Fan to keep them aglow.

Three examples of use: To use the herb as a general purifying incense, place it in a NON-FLAMMABLE container in a central part of the space. When smudging a house, carry the smoldering herb to each corner of the rooms and move the Smudge Stick or Abalone Shell up and down to activate the smoldering herb. This is an appropriate time to focus on healing and positive influences. When smudging an object or person move the smoldering herb around the object or body while using the Feather Fan to guide the smoke in that direction. At the same time offer your positive intentions or prayers (silently or verbally).

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